A new round of *live* online training from Teal Unicorn

We don’t like to plan too far ahead right now. However it is time to commit to another round of our popular online training courses, all on the New Ways of thinking, working, and managing.

We are not talking here about Agile and agility, although that was an early indicator of them.  This is about:

  • humane diverse autonomous collaborative work
  • transparent antifragile complex networked systems
  • open invitational transformational leadership
  • Beta servant management

These courses are live with an instructor, Rob England, as well as recorded for those who can’t make the 0700 UTC timeslot.

We proceed at a leisurely pace of once a week, or once a fortnight, to allow you time to assimilate and read, and live the rest of your life.

Alright. Here we go now…

New Ways Of Consulting: how to consult in a world of new ways of working and managing.

Is consulting becoming a struggle to find the right value proposition for clients? Do they seem to want something different?

Do you want to be a leading thought provider rather than a lagging provider of generally accepted practice?

Do you want to find ways that actually make work better? Better results, better lives, better society.

Our consulting clients are changing how they think and work (or if you are a client, you are seeing the change in consultant engagement).  The needs and expectations are different, and we have been changing our consulting to match.

This course is a mix of high level principles and our practical experiences at Teal Unicorn. This course will benefit anybody working in a consultative role on how to manage and/or work, on any kind of work in any type of organisation, to allow you to better understand and meet your clients’ needs and expectations in our rapidly changing societies. The course is also useful for anyone engaging consultants, to understand how you can adjust your expectations and requirements of them.

US$480. Starts September 24th, for 3 hours every week. Early bird pricing ends August 31st.

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New Ways of Managing IT

No matter where you work within Information technology (IT), this course will be of interest. The course does assume you understand conventional IT ways of working and managing. It will then update you on the developments of the last decade or two.

Many of the new ways of thinking were grown in the IT sector and then spread. Most of our courses are more generally applicable across the organisation, but this course focuses on the impact of new ways on IT work specifically. We drill down to look at the implications of the new ways for how we manage the work within Information Technology: customer relations, demand management, technical debt, visualisation, flow, reporting, Agile, Scrum, scaled Agile, DevOps and DevSecOps, testing, automation, funding, audit, career paths, development, and wellbeing.

US$580 (half price for non-earners). Starts September 29th, for 3 hours every week. Early bird pricing ends August 31st.

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