Soldiering on

It is no longer socially acceptable to infect everyone when you have a cold or flu. 3 years ago we called it “soldiering on”. Not any more.

I was all set to go today to a business-partner’s internal 2-day event that I was so looking forward to, that they put a LOT of effort into organising.

One of our sons has been off work sick for 2 days. I saw him on Sunday. Last night and this morning I’m brewing sore throat, sore limbs, headache… I’m not actually sick yet, and I’m testing negative for COVID but I decided the right thing to do is stay away. Pre-COVID, I’d probably have shrugged it off, had some paracetamol, and gone along. What would you do?

P.S. I’m feeling low energy but we still managed a short walk to the Japanese Garden nearby, which is about to burst into blossom.