Why I don’t like videos

People very kindly invite me to record discussions with them, and I’ve made a few of my own. I have to admit to feeling slightly conflicted when I do those, because I never ever watch videos or listen to podcasts myself.

Not even say Gene Kim or Gary Hamel (recent examples in my stream). Great as they are, I dont watch or listen to them, for 3 reasons:

1. Time. I really don’t have the time to spend an hour watching a conversation to glean the useful points.

2. Patience. It drives me crazy waiting to get to something useful.

3. Efficiency. It isn’t an optimal use of my time when I could achieve the same learning in a few minutes scanning a transcript or paper.


I guess I should feel fine about producing them, because some people do like to consume that way, but my focus will always be on writing not speaking, in my blog and posts. (And books. they might seem slower, but I dont think so. The same amount of content would take much longer spoken.)