People shortage? What people shortage ?

Let’s talk about why it is hard to fill job positions .

Unattractive culture. The culture of most organisations is dated, command-and-control, repressive serfdom, run by good looking white men in expensive suits. If you’re not getting enough applicants, perhaps it’s because your company sucks.

Idealistic expectations, looking for superhumans. If your organisation can only function with exceptional employees, then you have a dysfunctional work system.

Viewing humans as standardised wetware: trying to find people who fit a template job description, instead of hiring the best people you can find and then allowing them to fit together in team Tetris.

Unwillingness to develop anyone: wanting to hire fully formed employees. There is and has been no commitment to the future of the industry, causing much of the current problem. Graduate programs, paid internships, and apprenticeships are all becoming increasingly rare. So is formal in house training, coaching, shadowing, and expert-apprentice relationships. Junior roles often dont exist.

Recruiting processes are repellent. The balance of power has shifted with knowledge workers. You’re not doing them a favour giving them a job, they’re doing you a favour working for you. Act like it. It’s not a fraternity hazing, it’s a courtship. Stop making it trial by ordeal.

Most of all, not paying enough. The owners have been siphoning off the increasing wealth for half a century. You could be paying nearly double what you pay now.

There’s not a skills shortage, there’s a humanity shortage.