Archives November 2021

Viva la Resignation

There is no doubt that the movement characterised as the Great Resignation will settle back to many people snuggling back into the corporate yoke of work as life. In the USA it’s extra padded with health insurance, but everywhere it’s enforced by mortgages.

But how much we backslide is up to us.

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Blog posts for October 2021

Teal Unicorn are very busy, so again October was only a few big posts on the blog


The limits on serving

As I said, at Teal Unicorn, we are flat out. It seems that successful consultants always are. The bottleneck is we sell our own minds. It’s not scalable.

Changing paradigms

The software estimation debate illuminates a much deeper paradigm shift in how we make business decisions.

It’s not optional

In the past you could run a successful organisation by plodding along with conventional Command and control management. Extracts productivity by force from the unwilling, making wild bets on the future, but it worked. Not any more.

Don’t overdo defining values

Putting too much effort into defining an organisation’s values is a waste of time.

Video on planning in uncertainty

Here is a conversation with my virtual friend, Johann Botha of South Africa, where I got to talk about some of my favourite subjects.

Video on Managing Agile Teams

The Access Agile event is a wonderful format for sharing. This was my humble contribution. You may find this interesting, talking about the better ways of management which we encourage.

Two thirds

Whenever we break down work, (e.g. sessions in an Open Space, continual improvement backlog, teams in a hackathon, experiments) here’s my rule of thumb for measuring success;
For each iteration, half is OK, two thirds is good, three quarters is great.

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