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Blog posts for June 2021

Continuing our series summarising our Teal Unicorn blog posts by month, here are the posts for June 2021:


Opinion pieces:

Agility can be scaled Can a big organisation be agile too, can we scale agility? I say clearly yes, such organisations exist.

Numbers are an indicator that the manager should act. By all means have KPIs and other metrics but don’t manage by them. use them only as indicators, it’s in the name.

Let the buyer be accountable The stories of grotesque consulting fees are legion. It seems to me there is only one way to stop this pillaging. Put some accountability on those engaging them.

Deming’s 94% Deming is misleadingly misquoted about “94% system, 6% people”

Judging colleagues If anybody gets to judge their colleagues, it should be someone as close as possible to that person. In other words, their teammates.

This month’s news:

Our great results Teal Unicorn get some amazing results with our clients. Check these out.

Our Four or More training offering: your own private course from Teal Unicorn Get together between 4 and 10 people for Teal Unicorn training or coaching for the fixed price of US$400 per hour. Not per head: per hour for the group!

The agile Manager book in Vietnamese The Vietnamese version of The agile Manager (small a) by Dr Vu is published!!